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We are a locally owned Colorado company that has been in the business of relocating and planting large trees in the state and surrounding areas for over three decades.

We save trees during construction projects from destruction by moving them out of harm’s way and replanting them in a favorable location. We can provide mature trees to your specifications to complete the look and feel of your landscaping project by sourcing picture perfect trees from nurseries for that manicured landscape or collected trees from the forest to achieve a native appearance. We are happy to work with you, your landscaper or landscape architect to source the exact trees to suit your environment.

At Big Tree Mover we employ knowledgeable and experienced operators. We safely move trees using a variety of proven equipment and transplanting techniques. We can move virtually any size and type of tree. Our success rate is over ninety percent. We have highly specialized equipment that the other companies don’t. Our four wheel drive loader mounted machines and trucks can access difficult sites. We use truck mounted tree spades that use the latest in technologies to efficiently move trees onsite or down the road. Our giant semi-trailer mounted tree spades can also safely and legally move oversized trees on the road.

For trees to large to move with a tree spade, we have experienced technicians, special equipment and proven custom digging techniques that enable us to move any size or type of tree.

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